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released April 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Vultures At Arms Reach Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: The Culling
It's the birth of a fire
the end of days
Monolithic and violent
it swallows everything
Blackened Earth in the wake
of the flames
Praise be to the gods
the death of Humanity
You'll beg to get away

Culling sweeps up the masses
with one swing
Bodies covered in ashes
the human reckoning
Life is followed by nothing
there is no pain
It's a beautiful ending
to all our suffering
You'll beg to get away

We're begging you to stay
But you'll beg to get away
Track Name: Frail
They're coming down on the resistance
It's in the blood that they soil, the innocent
Hold down our throats while they feed on decadence
Tied up with rope while they steal everything that's ours
Well they'll fail

Frail - You live to hurt life

Soul sucking wretches stand by their religions
Cold blooded kings filled up with indifference
Force feed the youth with hate and excrement
Strike down the weak, stand by your dominant faith
'Cause you're frail

Frail - You live to hurt
You crossed the line with your ignorance
Track Name: Cross To Bear
A body drops straight to the ground
Forlorn eyes drift upon it's flesh
A committee of bastards are taking a stab
no longer waiting around
When the volt comes down, the volt comes down
Feeding on the dead

The carrion calls out to the thieves
Retribution is found in it's poisoned flesh
The committee of bastards will fall for the trap
no longer fucking around
When the volt comes down, the volt comes down
We're calling for their heads

Don't pray for us
It's our cross to bear

Terror speaks in a native tongue
Justice is served for the souls unsung
The committee of bastards are tossed to the void
no longer making a sound
When the volt comes down, the volt comes down
We'll finish off the rest

Don't pray for us
It's our cross to bear
Track Name: Piecekeeper
Laid to rest on an ancient tide
Bodies are blessed and then deified
They're broken by battle, burning by the pyre
And there's no more life inside

Pull the drain on the infantile
Falsehoods of pain, living in denial
They've come to deliver ancient hymns of dying
'Cause there's no more life in sight

Unlearn all we are
And urn the wreckage up this time

Turn back from the old ways
Get back to disgrace
Relieving the piecekeepers from their hate
Track Name: Warmonger
The dust settles on the tongues of all our enemies wistfully
The blood dripping off the flesh as they gasp on their final breath quietly
The dead pile up upon the red horizon and stare beyond silently
The flesh slaughtered by the dogs of all our tribes as we christen thee violently

To war
All these things that I am
Wrath and fury in my empty hands
Pray I'm still strong for the fight
And I am
To keep all hell come crashing down

The rust settles in the lungs of all the volatile war machines breathlessly
Black throats spewing out the sparks of their gods and their false prophets spitefully
The bones piled up and looked upon despised on and break again by rivalry
Death throes slaughtered by the gods by all your lies as we piss on thee blissfully

With a hand and an ominous blade to their throats
It seems to keep them occupied
With a hand and an ominous shade on their hearts
It seems to keep them pacified

It's dead inside
Evil swoons at it's life's work
And it feeds
Consuming 'til there's nothing left inside
of the plebs
Humans loom just like clockwork
It keeps all hell from crashing down
Track Name: Wake
We fear them and feed them
Run away from this hell